"Since working with Tier3 Media, I've been able to achieve $3 million in annual sales, open a 2nd location and right now we're on pace for $1.2 million annually just in our membership program."

Laura Murff - Owner of Luminare Aesthetics & Wellness in Kansas City, Missouri

"Over 80 bookings. My entire month was filled up in about two weeks! Tier3 Media is top notch!!"

Dr. Connie L. Brooks-Fernandez MD
Owner of Allure Aesthetics in Fayetteville, North Carolina

"I’m probably sounding dramatic but Tier3 Media actually built my business."

Hollie Town - Owner of Aqua Body Lab in Lansing, Michigan

"I’m a startup practice that now has more than 44 new patients per week. I’d highly recommend Tier3 Media."

Dr. Grace Chung
Dr. Grace Chung - Owner of Smile Shop Dental & Aesthetics in Henderson, Nevada

"Tier3 Media does what they say they’re going to do and the quality of leads we get is amazing."

John Rodriguez - Owner of Ethos Medspas in St. Louis, Missouri

"The bookings were like a tsunami, Incredible!"

Dr. Amber Wiebe DMD MAGD
Owner of Destin Medical Aesthetics in Destin, Florida

"In my new location we saw 8 to 10 new clients every day since working with Tier3 Media."

Irina - Owner of The Hebe Medical Spas in New York

"I started working with Tier3 Media at the end of January 2022 and did $49k that month. In January 2023 I did $180k, my biggest month ever!"

Jenny Warmingham
Owner of J Lynn Skin in Fayetteville, Tennessee

"The absolute growth in sales and revenue that we have seen with Tier3 Media has been outstanding. We’ve consistently seen growth month over month."

Michael Robertson - Owner of Luminescence Aesthetics in Buffalo, New York

"I am so completely elated with this company and the whole team. I have been working with Tier3 Media for over a year now. They were amazing to begin with but they do not sleep on their progress. They get better and better everyday. "

Joy King
Owner of Ageless Health Medicine in Oregon

"We tripled our business in the first year with Tier3 Media leads."

Ben and Wendy Smith - Owners of Pretty Girl Aesthetics in Knoxville, Tennessee